Easy MCP2221

Easy MCP2221 is a Python module to interface with Microchip MCP2221 and MCP2221A.

Connected to the USB port, this 14 pin chip part can provide a normal computer with the capabilities of a basic microcontroller.

MCP2221’s peripherals:

  • 4 GPIO

  • 3 channel ADC

  • DAC

  • I2C

  • UART

  • Clock Output

  • USB Wake-up via Interrupt Detection.

So you can practice the basics of digital electronics, microcontrollers, and robotics using nothing more than a regular computer, a breadboard, a few parts, and Python.

Disclaimer: Some examples in this documentation show bare connections from your USB port to a breadboard. Most USB port controllers are protected against short-circuit between power and/or data lines, but some are not. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your computer. To be safe, always use an isolated powered USB hub for experimentation.